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How it began.....

CAREmasters..."Where Caring Meets Excellence"

Thank you for your interest in CAREmasters private duty home health care. We are an independent, family owned home health agency with a very personal dedication to exceptional care for you or your loved one. 

My 3 sisters and I have been caring for our 92 year old mother, for many years. There came a time when we needed to augment family care with professional care, so we began working with different agencies in our Wisconsin home town to complement our services. After time, it became evident that none of them delivered the complete, compassionate, quality home care that was essential for mom's continued happiness and well-being. Frustrated, we brainstormed for a solution to provide what was really needed: a family of qualified professionals, passionately committed to the physical and emotional health of their clients. Since we could not find this perfect care solution, the idea was born to create our own agency, that would offer the quality care we had been searching for. This was the dream with which we began and CAREmasters turned it into reality. 

We gathered a team of professional, longtime-experienced, motivated, kind and dedicated caregivers, nurses and medical administration experts, to build a strong foundation for this challenge. The Sarasota location was chosen as it is our retirement destination and this community offers so much in terms of culture, art, sense of camaraderie, and fabulous weather. 

CAREmasters is licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and a member of Certified Health Care Accreditation (CHAP), a professional society of education for health care professionals. Our motto, "Where Caring Meets Excellence" was chosen to exemplify all that we strive for; we mean it and we live up to it. We are ready to serve you or your loved one here in our community, to improve your quality of life and help you to enjoy life in your own home. 

Please call, visit our office, meet our home health care experts, ask questions and discuss with us. You are invited to be part of our caring family. Challenge our quality claim! We set the highest standards in home health care and look forward to proving to you that we are the  "Masters of Care." 


Jane E. McLoone

Owner, CAREmasters homehealth LLC  &  CAREmasters healthcare services LLC


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