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CAREmasters conducts regular hiring events in Lee and in Manatee County.

Our HR Team is twice per month in Ft Myers at the Marriott Courtyard Cape Coral to meet with nurses (CNA, LPN, RN) interested in joining our team of healthcare professionals. We cater breakfast and lunch for our applicants and discuss job opportunities. Interested candidates provide their credentials, complete the necessary paperwork, pass the interview, get orientated and are scheduled immediately for weeks in advance. At this event we had the pleasure to meet and discuss with more than 30 nurses! Our staffing clients are in dire need for nurse support. We have all types of shifts available in long term care and pay great rates!

Please call us at 941-960-1856 to register for our next event or come into our office in Sarasota. We look forward to hear from you.



How much do I have to budget for home care services? A complex question and the answer is - that it depends. Every client´s situation is unique. The plan of care is tailored to a person´s specific needs and it may vary depending on sudden development of needs. So it is difficult to answer the cost question. However, we can look at different scenarios. You may find a scenario that is similar to your own situation and it may help you to get a fair idea of costs coming towards you.

Scenario 1:    
An elderly couple wants to stay in their own home. It keeps getting harder to handle some of the tougher chores. Doing laundry, grocery shopping, healthy cooking, light house cleaning and running errands are tasks that could be accomplished much better with a little help. Furthermore it feels good to have someone come in and watch for safety issues. The solution is to have a caregiver visit once or twice a week to support with these chores and provide companionship.
Approximate cost will be $300.00 to $600.00 per month.

Scenario 2:    
An elderly lady or gentlemen wants to stay at home. In order to do so, they need help every day to get dressed and to handle their activities of daily living. The solution is that a caregiver visits every morning (7 days a week) to help with the daily routine including cleaning, cooking and making sure that fall risks and other safety issues are observed and prevented.
Approximate cost will be $2,100.00 to $3,500.00 per month.

Scenario 3:    
An elderly person lives with their son or daughter. The elderly person has some more serious cognitive issues. Son or daughter are at home over night, but working during the day. The elderly needs permanent supervision. The solution is that a caregiver visits 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. Besides providing support with the activities of daily living including cooking and cleaning, safety issues and companionship are taken care of.          
Approximate cost will be $4,000.00 per month.

Scenario 4:    
An elderly person or a couple has serious medical conditions, but prefer to stay at home. They require permanent watchful supervision. Activities of daily living and medical requirements have to be taken care of. The solution is a 24 hour service team with back up. A nurse checks in frequently for medical conditions and supervises execution of the plan of care.        
Approximate cost will be $18,000.00 to $20,000.00 per month.

We hope that these 4 scenarios will give you an idea about what costs to expect to cover your individual situation. However each situation is unique. Flexible solutions are required. Call us! We will discuss with you how to tailor a solution covering your needs and match your budget.

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The CAREmasters Team wishes HAPPY and PEACEFUL HOLIDAYS to all our valued clients, caregivers and nurses.
A good time to reflect, relax and enjoy to be with the ones you love. Our team is on call 24/7. Do not hesitate to call us in case you need help.

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We all know water is good for us and that we should probably drink more of it. So why, then, do Americans find it so difficult to sip from what is arguably the fountain of youth?

Answers vary, but the fact is, one in 10 Americans drinks no cups of water per day. Those who don’t drink any water (or very little) are getting it from other sources such as food and coffee, but this may not be enough.

Many health risks decrease when you drink plain water.

Just take a look at how it can help:

•    It balances body fluids. Your body is composed of about 60 percent water and performs vital functions such as protecting your organs and tissues, regulating your body temperature and carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells. It keeps your body running like a well-oiled machine.

•    It keeps skin looking healthy. Water moisturizes your skin and functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss (free anti-aging cream). In addition, it can keep your skin fresh and smooth.

•    It boosts the immune system. Those who guzzle water are at a lower risk of getting sick. This crystal-clear fluid helps fight against flu, cancer and other ailments.

•    It can help control calories. While drinking water may not be a weight-loss strategy, substituting it for higher-calorie or sugar-filled beverages can help by removing by products of fat, filling you up so you’re not noshing, acts as a natural appetite suppressant and raises your metabolism.

CAREmasters always has lots of water in the office. So if you are nearby please come in, have a refreshing glass of water and discuss with us about home and health care issues.

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ANNIVERSARY already ??

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In April 2017 CAREmasters homehealth LLC celebrated its 2 year anniversary. We are grateful to our clients, caregivers and nurses who welcomed our start-up and made it possible to establish the home health agency in the Sarasota community. We are thankful for all the support we received and for the patience we experienced while riding the learning curve. Today we feel well established and regard ourselves as a powerful home care agency providing the full scope of medical and non-medical services to our clients in the community. We established a strong team of administration support, caregivers and nurses,  focused on attention, communication, professional skills, reliability and quality services.

Besides home care CAREmasters evolved into a healthcare staffing provider. CAREmasters healthcare services LLC received recently its AHCA license as a health care services pool. The staffing agency is servicing hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, assisted living and correctional facilities. CAREmasters is focused on providing local temporary health care professionals licensed in a variety of nursing and therapy skills. We offer flexible daily staffing, daily block staffing for multiple shifts and contract assignments of up to several months. We help to cover leaves of absence, census fluctuations, vacations, core staffing requirements or temporary fill of a difficult to fill permanent position. CAREmasters healthcare services LLC is located in Sarasota but provides facility support services all over Florida.

At CAREmasters, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. We follow a quality assurance program, with caregiver, nurse and therapist orientation, training, frequent onsite visits and performance checks to ensure that each client’s individual goals are carefully evaluated and supported. 

Both CAREmasters entities are in need for staff. We have openings for Home Health Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses and Therapy Professionals. Part or full time employment is available. One on One home care or 8 - 12 hours shifts, days, nights, week or weekends in Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee and adjacent Counties. Please call CAREmasters HR at 941-960-1856, we will get you started in a short time. 

Both CAREmasters entities will relocate as of July 1st 2017. We are leaving our office downtown Sarasota on Central Avenue and move into a larger premises on
1247 Sarasota Center Blvd Sarasota FL 34240
You are welcome to visit the new office, to meet and discuss with our staff. We look forward to seeing you.




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October last year we published an article on how to support your parents to accept home care. We suggested some strategies, like asking the right questions, how to place your arguments and what benefits outsider´s opinion may have on home care acceptance. Today we want to continue from there: Once your parent has accepted home care, it is very often a struggle to build a strong and trustful relationship between the parent, the family and the caregiver. It may turn into a real challenge and we want to give it some thought.

Many families struggle with exactly this problem as the parent easily finds fault, even with excellent caregivers having long time records of being well qualified, dedicated and committed. A common situation is that our client relations person gets the request to exchange the caregiver. This may happen multiple times within a short period. Families in this situation are tempted to believe, that they were not successful in first place when they argued for acceptance of home care, which they hoped they finally got. But now they question it again and feel trapped. They start getting convinced that the parent does not really want care and that home care will never work. Suddenly it seems that the options the family tried to avoid are back on the table: long-term care or assisted living, coming along with even more challenges, like acceptance by the parent, costs and a radical change in the parent´s living situation.

However, after some investigation this rarely turns out to be the case.  When talking to the parent and digging deeper on why keep firing caregivers, it turns out that there are a few specific things the parent is looking for and the caregiver does not provide. If you can find what it is, you have a fair chance to remove a huge barrier.

Let´s take an example. What you will hear often is that the caregiver is “lazy”. Here you need to start working like a detective and ask WHY - over and over until you have the full picture. During her or his  life time, a parent has established a lot of standard procedures when handling activities of daily living at home. These procedures are stabilizing, familiar and have often been acquired from young age on.  A caregiver who is assigned to one of these daily activities, and does not follow expected procedures is quickly label “lazy”. As an example, on your first WHY question you may get the answer: The caregiver is not cleaning the house. Next you may find out that she cleans for 3 hours but does not remove the dining room chairs from the table before vacuuming underneath. Suddenly questioning leads you from being trapped to a situation that can be easily solved. If the chairs are removed before vacuuming, “lazy” may not be an issue anymore. The same questioning may apply to lack of cleanliness, attention deficits, privacy requirements or any other matter of disturbance. All these can be solved by communications and adjustment.

CAREmasters client relation persons are trained to recognize and solve these issues. When a caregiver is rejected, it may be for good reason. We find out by talking to the family and the parent. We are always happy to provide an alternative. But if we are dealing with a disturbance, we can communicate it with the caregiver which may solve the problem. The family should encourage the parent to ask the caregiver to cover important needs and apply familiar procedures. In many cases it will be a quick success.
And finally you will get what you have been looking for, a strong and trustful relationship between the parent, the family and the caregiver, allowing for many peaceful years of home care.