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 The CAREmasters Difference

There are a variety of unique advantages we offer our clients that make 
CAREmasters  private duty  home health care a premier provider:


  • CAREmasters is always there for you! Our agency hotline is staffed 24/7 with a real person to contact and to take immediate care of your matters.


  • Affordable and fair pricing for Master level services, discounts on unique specialty packages and attractive 24/7 care rates will help you to stay within your budget.

   Assisted living in the comfort of your own home 

  • We understand that a healthy lifestyle means more than just receiving assistance with the basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), it's about a healthy mind, social interaction, and most importantly...FUN! Not only do we keep our clients abreast of all events and activities around town via detailed activity calendars, but we also coordinate and sponsor special monthly CAREmasters outings and group activities. All arrangements and transportation will be provided for by CAREmasters for your ease and enjoyment!

    Caregiver Development Coaching Program

  • We believe our greatest asset is our dedicated and expert caregiver staff and we strive to be " THE " employer of choice" within our community. We have designed a unique, attractive, and comprehensive professional development program for our skilled nursing and caregiver staff. 

    Case Management 

  • At CAREmasters, every client is provided with a unique case management approach. We review all aspects of a client's care needs and provide services, equipment, and supplies, and/or refer and arrange for delivery of those additional services and products from third party partners. We close the loop. We follow up. We recognize and observe problem areas and diligently work until a solution has been determined and our clients are safe and satisfied. We are your "one stop shop" for the entire range of home health care services and tirelessly work to make aging in place effortless and fun.

    Continuity of Care

  • Updates on your care are routinely provided to your primary care physician and other members of your medical team to ensure continuity of care and to equip and assist your phsyician(s) in providing the best care plan possible. Consistent communication with your physician(s) ensures that any and all preventative measures are taken to preserve independence, autonomy, and safety in your home.


  • CAREmasters prides itself on its comittment to quality. We have designed a comprehensive quality assurance program complete with intense caregiver training, frequent supervisor home visits, supervisory/wellness calls, and on-the-job specialized training to ensure each client's individual care is carefully evaluated and supported. Our quality efforts are monitored by Accreditation through CHAP - Community Health Accreditation Program which imposes the highest set of standards for home health agencies.


  • Our caregivers are provided with CAREmasters uniforms and picture identification badges. Ongoing training to update professional skills, safety standards, communications ability, and client services attitude are integrated in our caregiver quality system.


  • We provide a patient portal on our website that links clients real time with their care schedule, care plan, and caregiver notes. We use a unique and sophisticated caregiver matching system developed by Stratis, a leader and innovator in home health software. Our point of care system allows nurses, caregivers, and staff the ability to electronically complete assessments, process payments, and accept electronic signatures on progress notes, timesheets, etc. The use of a GPS telephony system for tracking visits and time served by caregivers ensures the highest level of accuracy - you only pay for what you receive and not a minute more!

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